Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Get Blog Traffic

First step to get blog traffic is to write well and see the interest if you readers this will create a link between Readers and your blog your readers will subscribe your blog if he likes your writings .Then when you post on a particular topic search that the other people are also posting on this topic give them comment and they will follow to your blog.If they don’t link it—try, try again. A good blog is a large collection of posts, not just one essay,
write on trending topics That peoples are searching didnt mess up things in, Blog write unique about things and happenings,Back links are a great way for creating traffic but it’s not just back links in general, it’s really all about where they are coming from. One way to get some great back links is to post legitimate comments on high ranking blogs submit your blog in the bookmarking sites (Digg ,Stumble upon) and succh like these sites


Anonymous said...

Getting traffice to your blog is not so easy. I find that your family and friends are the ones who do not subscribe or comment. I am trying myself to find more traffice to my blog. Deep thinking this one. Great blog Awais!

Anonymous said...

Today is March 23 2012-I have a steady following now and i have been faithfully blogging for two years on http://postacaychallene2011.com
Jackie Paulson


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