Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to protect your computer from VIRUS

I know the main problem in our life is the virus in computer :( its really bad the speed is so slow like pentiumD will become pentium1 so today i m going to give you some little good tips to protect your computer from virus
1 The main source of virus is from the external media like Data traveler,USB drives, CDs and memory cards so first thing you have to do is to use these external media from the LIMITED USER ACCOUNT OF YOUR WINDOW

Form controlpannel select limited user account
or create a new user account which is limited

                                                                                      like this

so every time when you use external media you logon to the limited user account

2 Most important thing is to get your anti virus update once in 3 weeks this will protect your computer from virus here im linking a antivirus that i personally have tried its really good my computer is free from virus try it
ANTIVIRUS here is the link you will get better result

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PC Repair Services said...

Hello all,

You will sometimes know immediately when your computer is infected with a virus. Music will play, a happy birthday screen saver may appear, or you may find that important files have been erased. If you've become a victim to a viral attack, it may take you days to recover your work, if it is recoverable at all. The solution is to prevent a viral attack before it occurs. Thanks a lot......


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