Monday, April 5, 2010

Red Bull Marketting

This company really knows how to get popularity between the existing Brands They advertise their product so well that every one buy this product and no one even think about any other energy drink like when we think of a soft drink our mind click only one name which is Pepsi just like that the red bull do the same thing in promoting their product any one who think of the energy drink its mind just tell him only one name which is bed bull.Their strategy of promoting are

1  They distribute their product for free in the colleges and universities.

2 The name chosen is so good.

3 They advertise so much and use all kind of media.

4 They throw empty cans in the baskets and in the path ways.

5 where ever they go they spread their empty cans to every were in their way just like it looks that some one just drank and drop this can here.

6 Red and Bull the both names are so attractive like red is a colour of passion Bull is also a symbol of power.

7 They do free sampling as well and use attrective cars with their on their head

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