Sunday, May 23, 2010

Google announced the Google TV Platform.

Yesterday,  Google announced the Google TV Platform. So what is Google TV?  
Google TV is best described as a search platform, based on it's Android OS and Chrome browser.This platform will be made available on a stand-alone box that will plug into your TV or it will be built into many new products being made available through 3rd party vendors. The goal is to provide full search of available programs on your network, TiVo device, the web and any other network enabled device.You'll be able to look for programs across the net from places like Hulu, NBC and Netflix as well as programs on any networked device in your home. And because the platform includes a full Android OS and Browser you'll have full web access and the ability to run other Android Apps on the system.  Flash 10.1 from Adobe will be part of the package as well, giving you the ability to play any flash video on your TV. You can even control your TV using your Android smartphone.A diverse group of manufacturers have signed on to build equipment that will include the Google TV functionality -- Sony, Intel, Logitech and Dish Network will be early adopters and Best Buy will provide the retail leverage.  Televisions, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, etc.
will be enabled with the platform within a year.


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