Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yahoo V.S Google

Here i am going to do comparison between Yahoo Mail and Gmail people and likes are there every one has its own choice

Now have a look on yahoo mail.

So the major difference in these two mailing services are... The Gmail didn't place any advertisement to its Mail box and you can see ads in the yahoo mail pages this one is not a professional attitude for towards its mailing site. The other main difference is the spam control gmail can have a full control over spam mails i personally didnt get any spam mail form any one to my inbox
Now if we talk about Yahoo mail is didnt react to spams urgently and it give spams to our mail boxes
Spam are a type of marketing but without permission spams mails are drop into your  mail boxes without permission and everyone hate spams

1 comment:

fazrul arhan said...

I have both but still prefer gmail.
And its true,without advertisement as a 'decoration' make it look more pro.


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