Friday, June 18, 2010

You Tube Editing

 The YouTube users will now be able to edit their videos and easily trim and join together the video clips that they have uploaded on the site. Also the editor will enable adding a new audio to the video from YouTube’s AudioSwap library of 40,000 songs.The new Java Script based editor at present offers very basic functionalities like cutting down the unwanted strips of videos or merge clips to form longer ones. But Google promises to dole out more enhanced features in time to come.  Google is also exploring the capabilities of employing cloud based computing for its editor to augment the experience of the users as they edit their videos. The Silicon Valley giant wants its user to stay free from any browser dependency and take over the sole responsibility of managing the backend processes with its massive and efficient infrastructure.This isn’t the first time YouTube has tried to add the editor into its service. The YouTube Video Editor sounds great and personally much anticipated feature on the service. 

To use the video editor, drag the thumbnail views of your videos to the filmstrip at the bottom. Hovering your mouse pointer over a thumbnail at the bottom will produce a scissors icon; clicking on it will let you trim the beginning and end of a video.You can preview a low-resolution version of the video, and once you're done, save it to your collection. Saving is fast, because the videos are already uploaded, but it can take some time for YouTube to process the result.The new videos are added to your collection, with the usual options for titles, tags, sharing permission, and such.Given that you already can link to a segment that's a specific length of time through a YouTube video, the big innovation here is a user interface for selecting and trimming videos.Trimming videos is potentially a helpful option for videographers unhappy with boring and otherwise undesirable segments in videos. It's a pain to edit videos, but it's also a pain to predict when the choice moment will come when recording the school play. 

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