Saturday, July 17, 2010

World top 10 blog

Technorati give its result of top 10 blogs. These are the world top blogs  to get into this list ,you  should produce good quality of your content, you can continue to write, posting, and then just waiting that your blog will become a popular one. Making your site to become popular cannot be done in one night, so you need to be patience, tell your close friends about the site, and ask them to continue the request to other friends. However,you also need to remember that you should not push them too hard to see the site instead; you should give attention the contents as well.In the way to attract people come to yours, you can walk around and visit them first. Just read and include your comment regularly, so they will realize that you follow their site.Do not expect anything from this because as you post your comment you will leave your own address and will encourage them to open it. If you are able to build a connection with other people in blogosphere,it also will help you to make it become traffic.

Technorati Results:

The Huffington Post






Boing Boing

The Corner on National Review Online | Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Celebrity News

The Daily Beast - Blogs and Stories


Anonymous said...

Could you perhaps list these blogs as live links please, so we can go straight to them. Thanks.

Awais said...

Just put there name in Google you can find the first top most search is of these blogs

Anonymous said...

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