Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chelsea Got married

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter and only child 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton she got married Saturday night with Marc Mezvinsky  beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts,surrounded by family and their close friends Photos showed the bride and groom walking down a broad outdoor aisle between rows of guests.Chelsea wore a strapless white gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt with platinum-colored beading at the waist and a long white veil.The groom wore a simple black tuxedo going down the aisle and in a photo with the Clinton family.Wishing happy Marriage :)


Jackie Paulson said...

I love to hear about this as I do not watch the news. I am glad she is grown up and got married. I loved Clinton at President in USA> atleast people were working, the economy is so bad that if you have a job it's a miracle.

F.S.Waraich said...

MMMMM, so at last she got it. Obamma missed :(
nice to see ur blog Dear.


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