Friday, September 10, 2010

1 sided love

This post is about a feeling - situation in love that happens some times in life i don't know what can we name this condition but it exists.This situation is particularly when the love is one sided, the thing I've observed is some thing different.
When you have one sided love and one thing is very much confirm that you can never ever get you love Then this situation starts....then the person who is in love wants to full fill each and very wish of his lover even he have to do much struggle but he fulfill all her wishes this happen with my friends life and i myself observed this situation.
I would like to share a story of her Life :
She just asked her lover that she has  a wish to have a guitar the next day he receives a call of her lover he give a code and told her to get your money and buy a guitar for you :)
Love actually is so beautiful and its meanings are different to people in this world some have love at first fight some have love with their childrens some loves there daughter My mother loves me so much In the End love is beautiful :)


F.S.Waraich said...

by such actions it converts in both sided.

Awais said...

Might be but this is what i have observed actually.....

howsolve said...

Love is drug so we should avoid it before 18.
you only show one part of love, but love for your girlfriend is not an end.
every aspect of life is hidden in it

Jackie Paulson said...

Love is...when you want more for the other person, you want what is best for them, when you put you behind and put them first. AMEN BROTHER!

kamal said...

nice post bro


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