Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gola (Crushed ice)

Gola is juicy iced balls soled just like ice-cream man wonders within the streets and sell its ice cream just like this in summer season the refreshing and tasty thing is soled in Pakistan named "Gola" its taste is like the flavor of fruits like mango, strawberry,orange banana, pineapple, apple etc  i when i was in my childhood i use to eat this when ever i get money from Dad or some one else its so interesting within its formation it is make up with crushed ice different flavor and condensed milk in the last i just take snap of my Gola and i enjoyed it with my friend :)


Fhad said...

what a tasty days they were.
awais if could remember make a video of its production, and upload.

fazrul arhan said...

This sounds great!
I would like to try it if i could.
Oh yea,could you praise on my new post:
Sungai Pengkalan Kubor(Edited Version)

Thank you:)

Shirazi said...

This reminds me of my own childhood - LOL.


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