Thursday, October 21, 2010

Posted by Yameen Ahmad

            This post is written by a little cousin of mine Yameen Ahmad about her visit to a riverside.
The weather was fine today its raining outside i asked my mother and father to go to river side i asked my father to please take my cousins with us he get mad with anger after some time when he cool down then we started our journey toward river side on my way to riverside i picked up my cousins then we continue our journey i asked my Father to visit lichic garden too when we entered the garden there was no lichis on the trees because we are late and fruits are gone to the market so we took our way back to riverside when we reverse our car there was wet med my car stuck there because of the rainy weather oh its too hard to put my car out .We all pull up car out of it My cousin Awais and he called more working men nearby our car my father,Awais and other people nearby there try there level best finally our car get out of it we thanked the peoples and thats halped us in pulling our car out of this trouble then we continued our journey toward riverside when we reached riverside i with all my cousins Abdullah ,Abdul moiz ,Rukhma my sister Hafsa,my brother Abrahim and Abdul rehman all of us rushed toward river and sat down at the bank of the river and put our legs into the water it was so cold i started sheving my father called us to come up and eat mangoes in the mean while i saw my class mate hamza , his sister and mother were standing near the river i rushed toward my friend to meet her this is the happy ending of the beautiful  journey

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