Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some body finds me

You know what i just got text message form a unknown number and he said to me guess who i am i just take some names it said this is not me but finally i guess that this is my old one of best friends i love to have friends really i am so happy today so i want to share my happiness with my blogger buddies :))))
its happens in life some body call you or find your cell no from some where and give you surprise i love to have surprise like you have some story like that share it with me you are welcome

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Jackie Paulson said...

Story that is true. Lost and Found. Yes, I believe we all have stories to share. Mine is like this. I went into the Facebook Searach box to plug in a name from my High School and found several buddies from 20 years ago. It's awesome to share. I love my new and old friends. You are my friend. Thank You ♥


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