Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Egyptians join hands

Revolution movement starts from a simple idea in Egypt it is because of the people citizens of this country that they try and step forward toward this revolution because they are so deprived in by the hands of the govt  because press in under the control of govt, nothing will be publish or said against the govt, Protests and public gatherings are also restricted by the govt not more than 5 people can gather at one place president  Mohammad Hosni Mubarak is ruling Egypt since 1981 and from the first day he banned freedom of speech and police have orders to arrest any person with out any charge if they want.So the question arise that how they all people come together and came out of there houses for the protest of their Right.. Its social media which is never ban to express the freedom of speech they make page on face book and on Friday they all came out of their houses with the conciseness to all the people of the but now the people join hands together for the Authoritarian rule .and the day came they got independence from the Mohammad Hosni Mubarak.

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