Monday, June 7, 2010

Purple Cow

What is the Purple Cow?

The Purple Cow is a strategy book written by Seth Godin.In his book Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin says that the key to success is to find a way to stand out. There’s a lot of ideas so what you really need to do is to extract the essence and apply it to a concrete problem.It doesn’t teach you exactly what to do but offers guidelines, examples and rough principles which make you realize what you should do to improve your business and make it remarkable.All in all, the Purple Cow is a good read and if you do get it, enjoy the ideas and remember to put them into practice.

For detail review please click here or head to the Purple Cow


Gabriele said...

what a cool way to introduce some interesting books for making money eventually. Why? The books have something useful to teach in an original fun way, by the looks of it. If I had the cash I would buy at least half of them, if not all.

Erik said...

I thought a purple cow was that drink introduced in the 70s: milk and grape koolaid.

tbaoo said...

i think books are vastly overrated, they should email or tweet all the information around and be done with those poor disfigured (coloured) cows, it bullsh*t .. ;)

Awais said...

Its a real popular book :) Related to business ideas like how to flourish your business


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