Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How a blogger Become a painter :(

Its a true story of a Blogger that become a house painter :(
Once upon a time a blogger was doing mass communication Media and he also do blog the day he finish his exams his mother give him a paint and brush and told him to paint up house OH my GOD he just...........
Doing it for 1 week.
Oh you recognize which one is the blogger ya thats me i have to do this work soon after my semester break up in summer vacations its fun to paint up your house but its an exhaustive job really, when you see your house it looks so beautiful and bright :)


Rick said...

Thanks for following the blog Awais. Yours is great, where do you get all your news from? Some great stuff here! Good luck with the painting and thanks again,


Terria Fleming said...

Great photos of you painting away. I really like your blog. You post a lot of interesting things for people.


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