Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mela is a traditional term used as in village areas like fair its the gathering of peoples on a particular place and take part in it.some time it is also arrange in the tomb of religious personalities "Sayeh kanwala darbar" the famous Sufi saint, where hundreds of thousands of people come each year to pay their respects and to say their prayers, thousands every day. It is the large and, probably, the most important Sufi shrine in Pakistan. It is located in gujrat punjab Pakistan Culturally and religiously, the significance of sayeh kanwala darbar for the people of gujrat and of the whole Punjab is so great that it cannot be overestimated; many devotees, also from other cities, are emotionally dependent on the shrine. Food stalls, flower sellers and numerous beggars are dependent on Shrine visitors.On special occasions, the shrine is lit up with lights, dinner is prepared for hundreds of people.
 Kids also take part in this fair by their own way to buy these type of funny face masks :)


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